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About Me

Hey! I'm Mohamed Salah. As you may know, I'm that nerdy programmer who write some pieces of code to create something special. Since the first day I got my new laptop in 2010, I was fascinated with this fantastic, although complex, devise. And after a drastic journey in self-learning programming, I can now create that complex-clean application or website which I wondered how it was made then.

Although I love programming the most, this blog will not be only a "programmer" blog. Instead, the blog will encircle everything in my mind!

What to expect?

EVERYTHING! Anything that ticks into my mind will be included in this blog starting from detailed programming tutorial to any special life events.

Why I do this?

I completely believe that no one gonna read anything I post here in this blog; however, if a miracle took place, I really hope that anyone can benefit from how I think. Additionally, I love writing but not speaking, so this will give me a space to express my feelings.


Lastly, I want to thank you, anonymous reader, for reaching the end of this lovely introductory post. By the way, all my posts will be short--but profound--as this one, so that you don't get bored quickly from me. Stay tuned for more soon!!

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About The Author

From the day I first got a new computer(2010), I have sought to change the world with my laptop as my weapon and my knowledge as my armor! Moreover, I love giving people a small idea about what is going on in my mind through this awesome blog. By the way, I'm 17 years old, and I was selected as a WWDC scholar twice!

You can find more about me here!


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